NFL Week 3 Pick’em

Posted: September 21, 2008 by twinsfan21 in Uncategorized

Andrew’s Picks:

ATLANTA (-5.5) over Kansas City


BUFFALO (-9.5) over Oakland


TENNESSEE (-4.5) over Houston


NEW YORK GIANTS (-13.5) over Cincinnati


Arizona (+3) over WASHINGTON


NEW ENGLAND (-12.5) over Miami


Tampa Bay (+3) over CHICAGO


Carolina (+3) over MINNESOTA


SEATTLE (-9.5) over St. Louis


SAN FRANCISCO (-4.5) over Detroit


New Orleans (+5.5) over DENVER


PHILADELPHIA (-3.5) over Pittsburgh


INDIANAPOLIS (-5) over Jacksonville


Cleveland (-2) over BALTIMORE


GREEN BAY (+3) over Dallas


SAN DIEGO (-9) over New York Jets

Sam’s Picks:

ATLANTA(-5) over Kansas City

BUFFALO(-12) over Oakland

TENNESSEE(-6.5) over Houston

N.Y. GIANTS(-14.5) over Cincinnati

ARIZONA(+2.5) over Washington

NEW ENGLAND(-12) over Miami

TAMPA BAY(+4) over Chicago

CAROLINA(+2) over Minnesota

SEATTLE(-10) over St. Louis

SAN FRANSISCO(+5) over Detroit

DENVER(-7) over New Orleans

PHILADELPHIA(-6) over Pittsburgh

INDIANAPOLIS(-6) over Jacksonville

Cleveland(-6) over BALTIMORE

GREEN BAY(+4) over Dallas

SAN DIEGO(-10) over N.Y. Jets


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