Should Aaron Rodgers Play with a Concussion?

Posted: December 18, 2010 by twinsfan21 in Uncategorized

Aaron Rodgers received his second concussion of the season on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Now the question is should he play Sunday against the Patriots?

Today, the Packers got word that Rodgers won’t play, and Matt Flynn will make his first start.

I realize why Rodgers won’t play, and concussions are dangerous, but here are some reasons why the Packers should start Aaron Rodgers on Sunday vs. the Patriots.

1. The Packers Are Still In the Playoff Hunt

The Packers are still in the playoff hunt, believe it or not. It’s close, though. They’re only one game back in the division, and play the Bears in Week 17. They still have a shot at the wild card, too, but they need help. They have to win their remaining three games, and hope the Bears lose at least two of three, the Buccaneers lose at least two of three and the Giants lose two of three.

Matt Flynn is not that bad, but he is no Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is big factor in the Packers playoff hunt. Rodgers is gutsy, a leader, a better passer and runner. He also completes more passes. There’s no doubt the Packers play better with Rodgers under center.

 2. Aaron Rodgers Is the Leader of the Offense, and Makes the Team Instantly Better  

When Rodgers is on the field, he makes the team better, and there is always a threat of scoring on every drive. He has so many weapons to throw with, and such a great arm, opponents play a guessing game on who he might throw on each series.

Not to mention, I think the players believe they have a better chance of winning and scoring with Rodgers under center taking snaps, and throwing passes downfield to Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.

 I Feel Like the Packers Made the Right Call in Sitting Rodgers This Week, and Here’s Why:

Rodgers just got his second concussion of the season, it could jeopardize his career in the long run.

Concussions are dangerous. Just ask Troy Aikman. The Packers definitely do not want want to risk long term health issues with Rodgers. If they were smart, they’d sit him, but with the Packers still in the playoff hunt, McCarthy may play him.

Plus, Rodgers is the future, and has at least 10 more years in him. The Packers have to be aware of that, and today they were.

Well, Sunday night will be an interesting game, and let’s hope Matt Flynn and the defense can leads us to a win over the Pats.  


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