Breaking News: Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez Fired

Posted: January 4, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Football

This afternoon, Michigan announced that Rich Rodriguez has been fired.

He was fired after his third year, and the biggest loss in a bowl game in Michigan history. Rodriguez was 15-22 at Michigan. A players’ meeting is scheduled for later tonight.

So, now what do the Wolverines do from here?

Well, first it must hire a head coach, and a good defensive coordinator. Potential head coaches are Jim Harbaugh of Stanford, Brady Hoke of San Diego State and Les Miles of LSU.

However, earlier on ESPN today, it was said that Harbaugh wasn’t likely to come to Michigan. They’re just rumors, and now athletic director David Brandon will have to try and persuade him to come back to his alma mater.

Second, Michigan must have a plan for Denard Robinson and Tate Forcier. Both could leave because they did like Rodriguez’s system.

If, indeed, Harbaugh would come to Michigan, he would have to persuade them to stay because he runs a pro-style offense. One thing he could do is run a multiple offense, with both pro-style and the spread.

Finally, Michigan must have a plan with its incoming recruits. Michigan has some good recruits, and they were recruited by Rodriguez. Whoever becomes coach will have to persuade them to stay, and that Michigan will win.

So now, it’s a waiting game. We just have to wait and see who will be hired as the next


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