College Football Would Be A Lot Better If It Had a Playoff

Posted: January 11, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Football

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 10:  Nick Fairley #90 of the Auburn Tigers celebrates the Tigers 22-19 victory against the Oregon Ducks during the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) Auburn won the national title, but who would win between Auburn and TCU, say college football had a playoff?
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I am not going to lie, last night was an exciting bowl game. Auburn and Oregon provided plenty of drama. The Auburn defensive line really was the stars of the game, especially Nick Fairley. Cam Newton also showed why he was voted Heisman trophy winner by making plays when Auburn needed them most.

However, college football would be a lot better if it had a playoff. Just think, now we could see Auburn vs. TCU, two great defenses and offenses. Keep reading for more details.

Let’s first look at a few other college playoffs:  

First, take the NCAA Basketball tournament. It is great! It determines the national champion the right way! Granted football is harder on the body, and players need more practice time, but my reasoning below helps that case. A four team playoff is different than the 68 team tournament, but it would expand the college football game, and make the sport more interesting. I mean who doesn’t love college football and in America? A playoff would make it better and please everyone.

Second, college baseball has the College World Series. It is fun, interesting to watch, and declares a winner the right way by having teams compete in a tournament, and then for the eventual national championship.

Third, Division 1-AA has a football playoff. They have all their games before Christmas and then the title game in January. Make a system like that.

Here is a look behind the details of a four team playoff and how it would work.

College football currently has two undefeated teams, yet only one is a national champion, which is Auburn. Is this right?  What if TCU could beat Auburn, well we will never know npw. Especially considering how they played against Wisconsin. Wisconsin dominated opponents in the regular season, and even scored 70+ points a game. TCU held them to 19.

Plus, with a playoff, college football could find out if indeed if TCU could win, and if Auburn did win, then they would be crowned national champions, and people wouldn’t have to ask, what if?

Why should college football just have a four team playoff? Well, a four team playoff would be most logical. Why? Well, their are usually not more than three or four undefeated teams going into the postseason. Then, if they’re are only say two or three undefeated teams, a good one-loss team could get a chance at the title. Plus, usually the best one-loss team is usually a team that has the most momentum and is playing it’s best at the end of the year. Wisconsin, and Stanford would fit into this category. Possibly, Ohio State.

Second, it would only extend teams’ seasons by one game. Teams might complain that the season would be too long if playoff would be longer, and a four team playoff, would just give teams one more game to play than normal.

Here’s how a four team playoff might work. This year, TCU would’ve played Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, and Auburn vs. Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl. The winners, which were, TCU and Auburn would face off for the BCS National Title in Glendale.

Many people would still say well what about the rest of the bowls. Well, it’s simple. The rest of the bowls would still take place with one changed. Push all the bowls back one week to have the national title game the same week. The two games before the national title, the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl, could be played on New Year’s Day or the Monday following New Year’s. Then, a week or a week later, have the BCS national title game yesterday, or say, on Thursday.

The teams would still have plenty of time to prepare for their games, granted, now they have only a week to prepare for the title game. However, it’s no different than teams preparing to play in their conference championships. Teams only have a week to do that.

Another possibility if teams that would advance in a playoff wanted more time to prepare, then the FBS could be like Division 1-AA, and have all their bowl games before Christmas, then wait until January to have the title game. I myself, attend a NAIA school, the University of Sioux Falls. There is a playoff system. USF played three games before it played in the national championship. It was fun, and exciting. The team got two weeks to prepare for the title game. Granted, NAIA football is way different than Division 1-A, but it proves a champion the right way.

One more thing to take into consideration that might have BCS officials upset is money. They don’t want to go to a playoff system because the BCS makes a lot of money. Well, with a playoff, you still have every bowl, all the BCS bowls, and add a game. This would increase revenue for the BCS. It is just something noting. Teams that play in the national championship would give their fans another game for them to watch, and no doubt, Auburn and TCU would sell out a title game no question, and TV ratings would be the same. Many people across America love college football, and watch it every Saturday, and every other bowl game, so they would tune into this game.

Well now it’s your turn. What do you think as a fan? Is it time for a playoff or do you like the system as it is? Feel free to comment.


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