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Posted: March 1, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Basketball, Football, Uncategorized

So every day now, I will be blogging about random things, kind of like Sport Illustrated Hot Clicks of the Day. If you guys have any cool suggestions to name this column, let me know.

One more thing, coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll be writing about Spring Training, and hopefully a Baseball Preview. Plus, March Madness, and all the latest news up to the NFL Draft with mock draft, and a list of the top prospects. You’ll have to tune in.

First, today is Justin Bieber’s birthday. In our previous post, we mentioned him, so why not again. Happy Birthday Bieber!

Second, Stephen Paea broke the bench press record at the combine with 49 reps. The previous record was 45. Thats is sure one way to improve your draft stock.

Third, who’s going to be number one seeds in the NCAA tournament:

Well, right now, I think it will be Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Duke.

I would say BYU, I mean I think they’re good, but number one seed good, I am not sure. Also, Duke is on the bubble for a one seed, and I think they need to win out and the ACC Tournament to have a one seed.

The two seeds are BYU, Texas, Purdue, and San Diego State.

Three seeds are Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Syracuse.

Four seeds are North Carolina, Florida, St. Johns, and Connecticut.

Tune in later for a full look at the tournament. Plus, what do you think the over/under is for Big East teams in the tournament? I say 9.

Fourth, top five Mock draft:

Well, at number one, I see Carolina taking Da’Quan Bowers. He is similar to Juilius Peppers and would improve that defense. Although, right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see  Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton being picked there.

At number two, I see Denver taking Patrick Peterson. Champ Bailey is getting older, and Peterson is the best CB in the draft. He can shut down receivers, just ask A.J. Green and is fast, and athletic.

At, number three, I see Buffalo taking Von Miller. Nick Fairley’s draft stock has dropped, Marcel Dareus is an option and so are quarterbacks Gabbert and Newton. However, Miller is a beast of a linebacker, maybe similiar to Clay Matthews, and the Bills need defense.

At, number four, I see Cincinnati taking A.J.  Green. The Bengals receivers aren’t getting any younger, Carson Palmer needs some youth rejuvanated back into him and Green is perfect. He is a athletic freak, fast, and has good hands.

At, number five, I see Arizona taking Marcel Dareus. Once again, Fairley falls, and Arizona takes a beast on defense. He will fill in immediately and make a difference. Also, Arizona could take Gabbert or Newton.

I will have a full mock draft out soon, but for now, there’s my top five.

Fifth, the NBA is full of parody. You know why, only about eight to ten teams have the best shot at winning the title. That is because all the stars want to play with each other and are stacking teams which gives the small market teams filled with players the little to none experience.

Anyway that’s a wrap, I’ll be back tomorrow. See yah.


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