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Posted: March 10, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Uncategorized

Once again, we’re back. Keep coming back to read!

First, were start with the Rutgers-St. Johns’ game yesterday. It was pretty pathetic. Rutgers got screwed with 1.9 seconds left in the game, and St. Johns’ got some love from being at home. The officials in this game were ridiculous. Later, the NCAA head of officials and Big East commisioner apologized for their mistakes, and weren’t happy. Also, the officials won’t be reffing any more games in the Big East tournament, they decided it would be best to not ref.

So here is what happened in the game. Here is the video and a quick summary of what happened:

Ok, so here we go. First, it looked like the refs missed a foul on St. John’s with nine seconds left. There was contact and should of been a foul.  Bad call #1. Then after the miss shot in the lane, Rutgers has to foul, and do. St. John’s misses free throw, get possesion back, but looks like they should of been called for over the back. Bad Call #2. Rutgers fouls again to stop clock. Two point game, St. John’s misses first, makes second. Rutgers inbounds sets up, throws ball to midcourt hoping for a miracle. St. John’s defends it. St. John’s gets the ball, then runs with it, and steps out of bounds and travels with 1.7 seconds. Bad call #3. Then the St. John’s player throws the ball up as time runs out, but still should be time on clock because he went out of bounds. Game over, but if refs would of called out of bounds, it would be a technical foul because you can’t throw ball up with time on clock. Bad call #4. Next, Rutgers would have had two foul shots, down by two. and then 1.7 seconds still on clock to try an win it. But, instead the refs screwed Rutgers. Game over.

Second, Pittsburgh goes down as it fell victim to Connecticut earlier today as Kemba Walker hit the game-winning shot at the buzzer to cap off a sensational year from Walker. Does this hurt Pitt’s chances for a number one seed in the tournament? Maybe slightly. The only way they lose the one seed is if Duke wins the ACC and Notre Dame wins the Big East.

Kansas squeaked past Oklahoma State earlier today as well. How good is Kansas? Well to be honest, I think they are athletic to win the title, but may be vulnerable. Marcus and Markieff Morris have to be on their games for them go deep in the tournament. Guard play for the Jayhawks must also be key as Tyshawn Taylor and young guard Josh Selby  will have to lead this team.

All of the major conferences are in action today.

Third, in golf, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson are paired together at Doral. Tiger is still looking for his first victory since November of 2009.

Fourth, more owners are meeting in hopes of getting a deal done before tomorrow’s collective bargaining agreement deal. Yesterday, the owners hopes of an 18-game schedule went down the drain. It simply won’t happen anymore.

Fifth, Lakers play the Heat tonight as the Heat try to snap a five game losing streak.  Can they do that? Not sure, the Lakers have been playing well as of late. Depends if the whole Heat team show up and if the Big Three decide to get along and share the ball.

That’s it for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more great information!


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