It’s Thursday! We Got All Your Sports News

Posted: April 14, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Basketball, Football

Hey, guys and girls, it’s Thursday! I’ve been super busy this week with homework, but today I’m going to blog for you guys!

Let’s get started!

First, in NFL news, mediation began again today between players and owners. Thank goodness, right? Let’s hope a deal is struck soon!

Also, in the NFL, the NFL draft is approaching. I’m working on a few draft posts, including a full first round mock draft. Stay tuned in future!

Second, the NBA playoffs are beginning, as last night was the final game of the season. I can’t wait, especially because the Bulls wrapped up the best record in the league last night.

Here are all the first round matchups:

In the West, Spurs vs. Grizzlies; I got the Spurs in 5. The Lakers vs. the Hornets; I got the Lakers in 6. Dallas vs. Portland; I got Portland in 7, this will be a great series. Oklahoma City vs. Denver; I got the Thunder in 7. The Nuggets will give the Thunder all they have, but in the end, Durant and Westbrook will too much for the young Nuggets.

In the East, the Bulls vs. Indiana; I got the Bulls in 5. Derrick Rose and the Bulls are playing too good for the Pacers to win here. Miami vs. Philadelphia; I got the Heat in 6, but the 76ers could give the Heat all they have. Boston vs. New York; I got the Celtics in 7. This will be a great series as well, actually the first round series I want to watch most. The Celtics playoff experience trumps the up and coming Knicks. Orlando vs. Atlanta; I got the Magic in 5. Both teams got some playoff experience, but Dwight Howard is gives the Magic just the right amount of dominate force to pull away and head to second round.

Third, my plan was to write on Monday about the Masters, but I just got too busy, so here is my Masters spill. I absolutely loved the Masters. The youth is rising in golf. Rory McIlroy was brilliant the first three rounds then slipped up. The Australians took over in the final round, until South African Charl Schwartzel went on a late run and snagged the Green Jacket. Also, I believe Tiger is almost back. If he can get his putter working, he is definately back.

Fourth, I got to include a video today, so what should I give you guys? Hmm…I think this might work!

The best line of the video, was Blake Griffin “runs like a deer, incredible hands, as well of jumping ability.” Pretty much sums up Griffin.

Don’t forget about this guy either, he should be the 2011 NBA MVP.

I’ll blog again tomorrow for you guys! Be sure to come back!


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