99th Blog Post: Tuesday Sports Review

Posted: April 19, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Uncategorized

On the eve, of our 100th blog post, I personally cannot believe this. It’s been exciting and great! Thanks y’all for reading and keep doing so! Tomorrow, for the 100th blog post, we’ll have a celebration, but you’ll have to come to the site tomorrow to find out all the sweet stuff I’ll do for this great achievement.

There are some intriging sports headlines that made the news last night and today already.

First off, Derrick Rose made sure the Bulls didn’t lose again with his 36 points. The Bulls now have a 2-0 lead going to Indiana. The Bulls didn’t play spectacular last night and struggled. They needed the home crowd to get them back in the game, and that’s something they won’t have the next two games at Indiana. They will have to play well all four quarters and keep up their momentum from the last two close games.

Here’s some Rose highlights for you guys as we love the Bulls here:

Also, in the NBA, the Heat look solid, as they now have a 2-0 lead on the 76ers.

Second, Tim Lincecum almost threw a no-hitter last night against the Rockies, but it was broken up by Carlos Gonzalez in the seventh inning. The humid Coors Field was working well for Lincecum.

Also, the Twins won again! They beat Baltimore and play at Baltimore again today at 6:05 p.m. Carl Pavano pitches for the Twins. Last night, Liriano got the win, and pitched 6.1 innings and gave up two earned runs. Joe Mauer’s replacement Drew Butera got the Twins on the board first with a two run double in the first and then a RBI single in the ninth.

Third, NFL owners and players are meeting again after a three day break. C’mon guys, please get a deal done soon! NFL fans have some joy coming up, as the draft is next week in New York. Who will your favorite team pick? I’m working on a mock draft still and hope to have it done this weekend.

Fourth, yesterday the winner of the Boston Marathon, ran the marathon in a time of 26 consecutive 4:41 times. Amazing, and mind boggling all at the same time. The winner was Geoffrey Mutai, and his finishing time was in two hours, three minutes, and two seconds. Wow!

Well, come back tomorrow for our 100th blog post! You won’t want to miss it! Keep reading!


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