Yes, 100th Blog Post! Let’s Celebrate!

Posted: April 20, 2011 by twinsfan21 in Uncategorized

IT’S  OUR 100 BLOG POST! Get excited guys and girls! We got some great sports news for you to check up on!

Thank you everyone has read this blog! Continue to do so as well! Let’s celebrate!

100th Blog Post

First, today is the anniversary when Michael Jordan scored 63 points exactly 25 years ago to this day against the Celtics at Boston Garden. A great moment in Jordan’s young career. Here is a video of the best Air Jordan moments:

Second, the NFL released it NFL schedule yesterday afternoon. The defending World Champs Green Bay Packers open the season on Thursday, September 8 at Lambeau agains the Saints. Rodgers vs. Brees, boy will that be a good one. Also, Jennings vs. Sharper. That will be a match-up to see as the now-famous Youtube video of where Jennings put the team on his back with a broken leg escaped Sharper to go in end zone. Here’s a look back on Packers season last  year, and the Jennings, “I put the team on my back” video.

Here is look at the Packers opponents:

Saints at home, at Carolina, at Chicago, Denver at home, at Atlanta, St. Louis at home, at Minnesota, Bye, at San Diego, Minnesota at home, Tampa Bay at home, at Detroit, at New York Giants, Oakland at home, at Kansas City, Chicago and Detroit at home to close the season. The Packers will be the first team to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Let’s just hope there is a season next year!

Third, the Twins lost 11-0 to the Orioles. Yesterday, I said the Twins got a winning streak going, I hope I didn’t jinx them. Haha.

Fourth, Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, and DeAndre Liggins, all Kentucky players, declared for NBA draft today. Caliapari loses some good talent again after one year, but has the best recruiting class coming in next year.

That will be it today! Thanks for reading my blogs and continue to do so!


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