It’s already June, and Game 2 of the NBA Finals is tonight in Miami. The Heat have a 1-0 series lead after a great game on Tuesday. The big question tonight will be how will Dirk’s finger hold up? Will it affect his shooting? Also, another big question is how can Dallas stop the Big Three? Will they play more zone defense or man to man defense?

The NFL owners and players are talking for a third straight day. That’s good news, right? Let’s hope so. Demaurice Smith and Roger Goodell are at least talking again. There will be a hearing Friday.

The NCAA is still looking into the Terrelle Pryor situation, and all the cars that he has shown up to meetings in. Interesting to say the least. I wonder if Pryor will enter the supplemental draft or weigh out his five game suspension and come back? I mean the Big Ten is really winnable this season, as Michigan State and Nebraska are the top contenders. Wisconsin lost a few players, as did Iowa. Michigan is adjusting to Brady Hoke, but could win 9 to 10 games, too. Penn State could give the contenders some competition as well.

Ricky Rubio is finally coming to the Timberwolves next season, barring that there will be a season. The NBA needs a new collective bargaining agreement. I mean it’s about time, Rubio. Will he be a bust? We’ll see. I’ll say just a starter.

Did you guys see Orioles center fielder Adam Jones over the shoulder catch yesterday? Here’s the link:

Central Arkansas has a grey and purple turf now. Here it is:


Shaquille O’Neal retired yesterday. Here is a tribute to the man who won 3 NBA championships, and scored over 28,000 points:

Finally, to end our blog post, this video is going viral right now. I’ll give it a week and it will have a million views. Check it out:




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