The Tim Tebow Problem: 5 Likely Scenarios for the QB’s Future

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ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 11:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos at Cowboys Stadium on August 11, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There are several possible outcomes for Tim Tebow‘s future with the Denver Broncos. Read on to find out the five most likeliest scenarios for the second-year quarterback and how they might affect the future of the franchise. Feel free to respond with any questions to comments.


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On to the five….

Scenario No. 1: Denver Keeps Tebow

Tim Tebow improved his unorthodox passing mechanics before the NFL draft and greatly improved his stock, and was a reason the Broncos took him in the first round.

Tebow spent most of the 2010 season on the clipboard as the backup to Kyle Orton. Tebow played in nine games in 2011, and in Week 15, when Kyle Orton became injured, Tebow got the call to be the starter. Tebow went 8-16, with a 138 passing yards in a loss to the Raiders.

He improved in the next game against the Texans and got the win. Tebow went 16-29 for 308 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

In his final start of the year, Tebow had a good game, but fell short against the Chargers, going 16-36 with 205 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Tebow could also do it with his legs, as he rushed for 227 yards and six touchdowns, including a 40-yard run against the Raiders.

Tebow showed signs of optimism for the Broncos heading into 2011, amidst the lockout where Tebow could not workout with his teammates. However, it didn’t stop Tebow from working out and getting better. Tebow still got together with a few teammates and worked on his throwing. This was just not team sanctioned.

Going into the season, Fox and Elway both supported Orton and Tebow, and were going to leave it up to an open competition. Then even before the first preseason game Fox named Orton the starter. Orton had been having a better training camp, and his teammates were more comfortable with him, especially Brandon Lloyd, who had a monster season last year catching balls with Orton at the helm.

So now what for Tebow? For now, Tebow has to win the backup job from Brady Quinn, who has also been impressing at training camp. Long term, Tebow will have to win back the support of his coaches to tell them why he can be the starting quarterback. Tebow also needs to get support from his teammates as well.

As for now the only way I see Tebow getting the starting job back is to keep getting better. Tebow will have to go into practice and work his butt off. He needs to prove his critics wrong. The media has also been hard on him. Take Merril Hoge, “Orton or Tebow? It’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow!”

Hoge said Tebow’s throwing motion hasn’t changed, his accuracy is terrible and that he throws balls in the dirt and in the stands. Tebow responded, “Appreciate it, Merril.”

That a boy, Timmy, keep your head high, keep working hard and prove those critics wrong. Tebow certainly has the faith, intangibles and leadership to do so.

One more thing, I think John Elway should step in and help Tebow out by mentoring him and getting him stronger as a quarterback. It would only help his game.

Scenario No. 2: Tebow Falls off Depth Chart

Tim Tebow appears stuck right now. The whole world is at his back. The media has been harsh on him.

Tebow is now fighting for his life to get the backup role in Denver from Brady Quinn. Quinn has been impressing nonetheless in training camp and preseason.

Let’s take a look at some numbers in the Broncos’ last preseason game against Dallas. Orton went 2-6 with 37 yards in limited play. Tebow went 6-7 for 91 yards against the second team. Tebow showed good hustle and great range with his arm. He did miss a few opportunities, but very often no one was open. Tebow’s still managed to pick up several key first downs and his best throw of the day was caught by Willis.

Quinn had the best day going 8-14 for 120 yards and a touchdown. Had the best day.

If Tebow doesn’t get the backup role, his time in Denver might be coming to a close. The Broncos have even speculated that they might take a quarterback in next year’s draft if the quarterback situation worsens, or if Tebow doesn’t work out.

Tebow has always made it his dream to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, and John Elway believes in Tebow that he will be successuful, and it will just take time. wrote after the Orton trade rumors surfaced that, “maybe the guy who’ll be traded to Miami isn’t Orton, but Tebow.”

Tebow should be patient and wait, he will get his chance in the NFL, just like Aaron Rodgers did after sitting behind Brett Favre for three years. Now look where Rodgers is, he is a Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers has worked hard, stayed humble, and been a leader. Tebow can do the same.

For now, it appears no one will be traded, but in the near future, who knows. The fans love Tebow. They sell out his No. 15 jerseys and Tebow is a favorite in Denver.

After Tebow’s first preseason game in 2011, it’s a close battle between Tebow and Quinn for the No. 2 QB, and they both looked better than Orton. The coaches obviously want the veteran Orton taking snaps.

Scenario No. 3: Trade Tebow

Tebow has a chance in Denver. It just keeps getting smaller.

Here are five teams that might be a good fit for Tebow.

The Washington Redskins: Mike Shanahan is in dire need of a quarterback. Joe Beck and Rex Grossman are the competition right now. Shanahan raised up Elway in Denver, could he do the same with Tebow?

The Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars have a banged up David Garrard and a rookie in Blaine Gabbert who struggled in his first preseason game. The Jaguars were an initial destination for Tebow coming out of college. Tebow would help the Jaguars attendance, and would be back in Florida.

The Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are without Carson Palmer now, and have named rookie Andy Dalton the starter. The problem is the Bengals don’t have anyone to throw to. New offensive coordinator Jay Gruden could work out Tebow into a fine quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers: This appears the most unlikely with Alex Smith, and the 49ers adding Daunte Culpepper today, but coach Jim Harbaugh needs a quarterback. Tebow would definitely get fans more excited in the Bay Area.

The Miami Dolphins: It appeared inevitable that Kyle Orton was going to be traded here, then the Broncos really liked this guy, and named him the starter. This would be the obvious choice right now. Tebow would compete with Chad Henne, who isn’t much better than himself.

Scenario No. 4: Position Change?

Many thought Tebow was destined for a position change coming out of Florida. Fans speculated a change to tight end, fullback or linebacker. Tebow ran the wildcat for the Broncos last season, and did quite well.

It appears most likely that Tebow would stay on offense, as a change to defense would take a big step. As a fullback, Tebow could be an effective blocker, and pound the ball in short yardage situations.

As a tight end, Tebow could provide a big target for Kyle Orton. Tebow definitely has the strength to be a tight end.

Scenario No. 5: Become a Christian Missionary or a Coach?

Tim Tebow has a big heart. Tebow is a role model for young and old all around the country. Beyond football, Tebow wants to help the unsaved become saved. Back in his days at Florida, Tebow would go on spring break trips to prisons in the Philippines, ministering about Jesus Christ. His father was a pastor, and Tebow, I imagine, would like to do something along those lines as well. He has leadership in his veins.

Tebow would also make a great coach. From his days at Florida to now at Denver, Tebow has always been well liked in locker room. No doubt players would respect him as a coach.

Tebow no doubt has the ability to play football. Tebow has been blessed by God with his talents to play the game, and in his life. Tebow has the intangibles, leadership, faith, strength to rise against his skeptics, and prove them that he can play quarterback in the National Football League. Someday, Tebow will get the chance to do great things, and when he done playing Tebow will be a influence as well.

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