Denver Broncos Preseason: Grading Tim Tebow’s Performance at the Halfway Point

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DENVER, CO - AUGUST 20:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos throws a towel to a fan as he exits the field after a pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on August 20, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The Bro

 Tebow’s been average this preseason, and will have to step it up final two preseason games to have a future in Denver. Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Tim Tebow has been criticized, and jumped on all preseason long. The media has been against him, and the world has rooted against him – all except Bronco fans, Tebow fans, and Gator fans. Yet, Tebow hasn’t given up. Tebow has remained humble, and fueled to get stronger and better.

This preseason, in all fairness, Tebow has not been all that bad. Here are the grades for Tebow’s performances at the halfway point of the preseason:

Week One vs Dallas: 

Tebow was 6 for 7 for 91 yards, and ran the ball twice for 15 yards. Tebow threw no touchdowns, no interceptions. Tebow’s best play was a 43 yard pass to Matt Willis, and picked up a third down to David Anderson.

Tebow had his ups and downs. Compared to Orton, Tebow took more risks. Orton went 2-6, Brady Quinn went 8 for 14, and threw a touchdown. Quinn was best out the three.

Tebow didn’t get the best protection. Tebow ran all over the pocket, made a few bad throws, and missed some throws. Tebow looked rushed, and hurried most of the time.

Grade: C. Tebow’s performance was average. He only missed one throw, which was to an open receiver, but it happens. Not every quarterback is going to make every throw.

Week Two vs. Buffalo: 

Tebow was third string and played only in the fourth quarter against the Bills. Quinn continues to impress. Tebow has a lot to do to win this back up job.

Tebow was 1 for 2 and ten yards. Tebow also had one rush for seven yards.

Tebow didn’t really get a good chance to show his stuff. Is it a sign that the coaches might be losing hope on Tebow?

Grade: C. You cannot really grade a guy who only threw two passes.

Total Grade for Tebow at the Halfway Point: 

Total grade for the first two preseason games: C. Tebow’s been nothing but average. Good, but not great. Not poor.

Tebow has displayed he can throw the ball, and that he is a mobile to move around the pocket, and to get downfield if the plays do not develop or if no one is open. Tebow’s accuracy is his biggest thing to work on.

For Tebow, there is always the next two games, and Tebow must show why he deserves to be a member of the Denver Broncos.

In the next two games, starting with this weekend, Fox said this, “Kyle has had 19 passes, Brady’s had 30 and Tim’s had nine,” Fox said. “So in fairness to Tim, we need to get that total up whether that’s this week or next week.” (Tim Tebow Zone).

That is a good sign for Timmy. Now Tebow just needs to go out there and show why he can battle with Quinn for the back up job.

Tebow certainly has the ability, the strength, the will, the hard work, and is a leader in that locker room.

If I am the coaches, I recognize what Tebow brings to the team. Tebow is nothing but positive energy. Yes, Tebow brings a lot talk from the media, but he will always be a team first guy.

Tebow is more inconsistent than anything. Tebow has a lot to improve upon, whether it is his mechanics, accuracy, or throwing ability. While many think, you can’t improve on Tebow’s mechanics, and make him a better passer, Tebow must let that not faze him. Tebow must keep his faith in God first, and in his football ability. Tebow has it in him in.

John Fox believes in Tebow, and that he will improve. “I think he’s got a bright future in this game. He’s playing maybe the hardest position I know in the NFL there is to play, and maybe in all of sports. He’s progressing fine…. Everybody in this building has high regard for Tim Tebow, and Tim’s doing just fine. There’s no update on where his ranking is at this point by any official.” (

Fox is letting Tebow fight Quinn for the back up role as of now. That is good, and Tebow can’t let this opportunity to show why deserves it to slip away from him.

Always remember, Tebow plays the game unlike any other. Tebow takes violent hits, Tebow gives it his all and leaves it all on the field and that’s all that matter. As fans, remember to be patient with Tebow, it’s only his second year. There is plenty of time to grow.


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