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The NFL schedule has been released today and the NFL Draft is next week. There’s hardly a day that doesn’t involve some type of NFL news.

Here is the 2012 Green Bay Packers NFL schedule:

Week 1 vs. San Francisco, 3:15-a great offense vs. a great defense, but don’t count out the 49ers offense or Packers defense. Aaron Rodgers vs. Alex Smith, two first round picks that were selected in 2005. Clay Matthews vs. Patrick Willis. Great matchup in Week One.

Week 2 vs. Chicago Bears, Thursday, 7:20 NFL Network-two historics teams playing a rivalry game. Two offenses that should score a lot, Rodgers and Packers, and now Marshall reuniting with Jay Cutler.

Week 3 at Seattle, MNF at 7:30-Matt Flynn vs Aaron Rodgers. Seems like Seattle is a similar place for Green Bay quarterbacks, first Hasselbeck and now Flynn in Seattle.

Week 4 vs. New Orleans, 3:15-great quarterback matchup, Rodgers vs. Brees and rematch of great Week One game last week where Packers won 42-34.

Week 5 at Colts, noon-Rodgers vs. Luck

Week 6 at Houston, 7:20, SNF-should be a high scoring affair with two explosive offenses, and Clay Matthews plays against former college teammate Brian Cushing.

Week 7 at St. Louis, noon-interesting matchup, Rodgers vs. Bradford; can Bradford step out of a sophomore slump and injuries?

Week 8 vs. Jacksonville, noon-Rodgers vs. Gabbert; how will Gabbert fare in his second year in NFL?

Week 9 vs. Arizona, noon-wide receivers/cornerbacks match-ups catch my eye; Jennings, Nelson, Cobb vs. Patrick Peterson, and Larry Fitzgerald vs. Charles Woodson.

Week 10-BYE

Week 11 at Detroit, noon-Lions made the playoffs last year and will look to challenge for NFC North title. Packers won both meetings last year.

Week 12 at NY Giants, SNF, 7:20-Packers play at Meadowlands hoping to beat the Giants after they ousted them from playoffs last year.

Week 13 vs. Minnesota, noon-The Packers and Vikings play later in the season, always a tough game. Green Bay leads series 53-48-1.

Week 14 vs. Detroit, SNF, 7:20-Lions and Packers in primetime; should be an high scoring affair, remember the last game of last season, Green Bay winning 45-41 and a 1,000 yards of total offense combined.

Week 15 at Chicago, noon-could this match-up decide the NFC North title?

Week 16 vs. Tennessee, noon-former Packers quarterback Matt Hasselbeck plays his old team or will Jake Locker be the quarterback?

Week 17 at Minnesota, noon-finishing the season at the Vikings, an old rival, there is nothing better.

It’s a tough schedule, but with a good draft, re-signing Jermichael Finley and signing Jeff Saturday, the Packers should be back at the top in 2012.


Wow. What a week it has been, and it’s only Wednesday. Craziness in sports in America has hit a high moment with the NFL ending its lockout, free agency opening, training camps opening, the MLB trade deadline as division races heat up, college football is almost here, and a video you will want to check out! So keep reading.

First off, the NFL officially ended its lockout Monday and since then, teams are going crazy signing their own free agents, teams trying to woo other teams free agents to their teams, trades going down, rookies signing contracts, teams signing undrafted free agents, and then training camp opening up for teams starting today and through Sunday. What happens in the five month offseason is happening a two week time period. Uh, and I am loving it. I’ve found myself constantly watching ESPN, going to,, and finding what’s going on through Twitter. (Follow me @samtastad on Twitter.)

Quick recap of what has gone down so far in the NFL: Donovan McNabb was traded to the Minnesota Vikings; quarterback controversy in Minnesota with 1st round draft pick Christian Ponder? Matt Hasselbeck was traded to Tennessee; he will help groom Jake Locker. Tarvaris Jackson went to Seattle, Alex Smith re-signed with San Francisco, and Kyle Orton could be headed to Miami. Santonio Holmes re-signs with the Jets; could Nnamdi Asomugha be next? Plaxico Burress recently out of jail,is going to meet with the Giants, and Steelers. Carolina re-signed defensive end Charles Johnson and running back DeAngelo Smith. So what’s next? Hmm. Stay tuned tomorrow, and I’ll update you again.

For the Packers, they landed the following undrafted free agents:

  • South Carolina WR Tori Gurley
  • Delaware S Anthony Bratton
  • Utah WR Shaky Smithson
  • Ohio State RB Brandon Saine
  • Arizona State WR Kerry Taylor
  • Middle Tennessee OLB Jamari Lattimore
  • South Florida C Sampson Genus
  • Arkansas G Ray Dominguez
  • Youngstown St. CB Brandian Ross
  • Temple LB Eli Joseph
  • Temple NT Peanut Joseph
  • Arkansas State CB M.D. Jennings
  • Minnesota FB Jon Hoese
On to baseball now, my Minnesota Twins were handed a 20-6 drubbiing by the Texas Rangers on Monday, then came back after Carl Pavano gave up eight runs, and won 9-8 on a game-winning double by Joe Mauer last night.
There haven’t been much trade deals done yet. The biggest happened a little while ago with Carlos Beltran being sent to San Francisco from the Mets. Colby Rasmus was traded to the Blue Jays from the Cardinals for starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, and others.
Finally, today, Ervin Santana pitched a no-hitter today against the Indians and it was bittersweet. His first game as a big leaguer was against the Indians and lost to them. Also, today, the Mariners snapped a 17 game losing streak. Lastly, the Pirates and Braves played nineteen innings just after the Red Sox and Rays played eighteen a week ago, and the ending was bad. The umpire clearly got it wrong, check out the link:
College football is heating up. Today, Terrelle Pryor cannot speak to Ohio State for five years, and Butch Davis was fired by North Carolina.
Video of the day is Teach me how to Wambach. I thought it was funny, and brilliant, here it is:
Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, and thought I would make a comeback today. I’ll blog more in the coming weeks. Keep reading and coming back, and feel free to comment.

First, what a last few weeks and days its been. Last Sunday, the American women pulled off the miraculous victory over Brazil and are now on the edge of glory as they prepare for semifinal battle with France tomorrow in Germany. If they win tomorrow, they will play in the championship against the winner of the other semifinal game between Sweden, and Japan.

Back to the USA game vs Brazil. This game had the perfect storybook ending and a movie should be made about it. Perhaps, “The Miracle on Grass?” Who knows. Now the USA ladies just have to go out and win their next two games.  Let’s break down the game for you:

Well on the day of the 1999 USA’s Women’s World Cup Anniversary win over China, there couldn’t of been a better ending. From past women legends of Mia Hamm, Brianna Scurry, and Brandi Chastain, to now women legends in the making of Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, and Megan Rapinoe.

The scoring in this game opened when Brazil’s Daiane scored an own goal and it made it 1-0 USA early in the second minute. Marta made a penalty kick in the 68th minute that tied it. It was the second attempt because goalie Hope Solo got  a yellow card after a caution penalty on the first attempt that she saved, and Brazil got a second chance and capitalized on it.

The USA women got a lot of bad breaks from the referees in this game, and even played a man down from the 65th minute on when Rachel Buehler was sent off. The USA women had five penalties, four yellow cards and one red card.

This game appeared to all be over when Brazil’s great player, Marta made it 2-1 in the 68th minute on the penalty kick redo, but as the game approached the 120th and final minute, the USA women got more extra time as Brazil’s Erika stalled and gave the game three extra minutes.

As you know it, the USA women had a miracle in the 122nd minute that sent the game to penalty kicks. To start the extra time, the American women were deep on there own side, but got the ball up quickly after a quick steal, and passed the ball well to set up the tying goal. This goal that was scored was epic nonetheless. It was ‘the Pass,” from Rapinoe to Wambach who headed it to the goal to tie the game.

Here is the call from ESPN:

It was a goal that sent goosebumps into all that were watching the game. After the goal, Wambach ran around and screamed, and the Americans celebrated, but knew it wasn’t over yet. The momentum had shifted though back to USA women. It was definitely heard around the world. Wambach had saved the American women as she made that goal and was in perfect position.

Cheers from not just American fans, but from other countries were heard from the stadium as well. Back in America, people cheered loud and knew it wasn’t over. These women had America’s attention. The women fought like warriors playing a man down for much of the game.

The game wasn’t over yet and it was sent into penalty kicks. Shannon Boxx, Carli Lloyd, Abby Wambach, Megan Rapinoe, and Ali Kreiger were selected to shoot in that order for USA. Brazil had three goals and USA goalie Hope Solo made a terrific save of Daiane’s shot. All five American women made it. Boxx’s first shot was saved, but Brazil’s goalie was called for jumping early and Boxx made the second shot. Krieger, who didn’t faze to the pressure, and who played in Germany professionally, made the final penalty kick and sent the USA women into the semifinals.

Here is the video of the highlights of the epic game between Brazil and USA. 

It was a great ending. An game that should have a movie made about it. The American women captivated the hearts of America Sunday, and soccer shared the spotlight again.